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This page lists major changes to the Arduino core, libraries, and environment. For details, see the release notes.

Changes in Arduino 0019

  • Added String class.

  • Added shiftIn() function.

  • Added Serial.peek() function.

  • Added aliases for the analog input pins: A0, A1, etc.

  • Added SPI library.

  • Ethernet library now depends on the SPI library; add #include <SPI.h> to the top of sketches.

Changes in Arduino 0018

Changes in Arduino 0017

  • Environment: The code base for the Arduino development environment was largely re-written to bring it back into sync with Processing (1.0.3). The main differences include support for multiple sketch windows open simultaneously and a dedicated window for the serial monitor.

  • Icons: The icons and about images were updated.

  • Arduino.app: The Mac OS X version of Arduino is now a .app file packaged in a .dmg.

  • Libraries: Support was added for third-party libraries in the SKETCHBOOK/libraries directory. This allows user-installed libraries to persist across upgrades of the Arduino software.

  • Servo: The servo library was rewritten to allow support for up to 12 servos (on any pins) and up to 48 on the Mega.

  • LiquidCrystal: The begin(), cursor(), noCursor(), blink(), noBlink(), display(), noDisplay(), scrollDisplayLeft(), scrollDisplayRight(), autoscroll(), noAutoscroll(), leftToRight(), rightToLeft(), and createChar() functions were added.

Changes in Arduino 0016

  • New functions for writing a string, write(str), or buffer, write(buf, len), were added to the Print, Serial, and Ethernet library Client and Server classes.

Changes in Arduino 0015

  • Support for the Arduino Mega.

Changes in Arduino 0013

  • Support for printing floats was added to the Print, Serial, and Ethernet library Client and Server classes.

  • The word type and word(), bitRead(), bitWrite(), bitSet(), bitClear(), bit(), lowByte(), and highByte() functions were added.

Changes in Arduino 0012

  • Added the Firmata library, which provides a standard protocol for serial communication.

  • Added Ethernet library.

  • Added Servo library.

  • Added LiquidCrystal library.

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